Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available for private art commissions?

Yes I am available for private art commissions. I work with a variety of clients which includes families, authors, individuals, celebrities, actors, models, film directors, small businesses, musicians etc. I create an art piece that will be unique and special to you. Or if you would like to commission a special art piece that is a scene with Actors and Models featured in it, I can organise that as well.

How much does it cost to have a digital art piece created?

The cost of an art piece will depend on what is involved and the time it takes to create the artwork. Each art piece is tailored to individual clients needs, wants and likes. Prices start from $1,000 and range upwards from there based on the level of work involved and the end product (ie framed fine art print etc).

What to Expect?

I will have a consultation with you to get to know who you are, discuss your ideas and work out what kind of art piece you would like. I will then photograph all of the elements which could include backgrounds, objects, subjects etc or create the items needed in Blender a 3D modelling program. After I have finished photographing or creating everything, I will then spend hours even weeks depending on what the art piece is, creating the digital composite into a fine art piece.

How long does it take to create an Art Piece?

It would depend on the level of details, what is required for each piece to finish it. Some more simpler projects could take 3-4 days, more complex projects could take a month of more, then to get the final printed Artpiece you would need to add on another couple of weeks. Time taken would also depend on how many commissioned projects I am currently working on at that point in time.

Are you available for Commercial/Advertising work?

Yes I am available for Commercial/Advertising commissioned work, please contact me today about your project.

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