Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox is an Australian, Brisbane based photographic digital artist. He uses photography and Photoshop together to create stunning artworks that tell a story.

As a Digital Photographic Artist, Kevin enjoys creating conceptual images from his imagination and including characters in the scene. His cinematic style of interest is action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy and comedy.

In 1999 Kevin took up photography after becoming friends with a successful wedding photographer who shared some tips that he had learnt. But after a while the camera was put aside.

In 2013 he took up digital portraiture and after becoming bored with photographing pretty girls he decided to do more themed shoots to make his images more interesting.

I didn’t realise until after recently speaking to a friend that I am an artist. My work starts with photography but then I create art using photo manipulation with Photoshop and recently I have included 3D Blender into my artwork.

In 2014 Kevin shifted his focus to more conceptual images. He has a talent and passion for creating artwork concepts and improving his skills in digital imagery. His artwork shows the action and emotion in the characters and has a well thought out story line.

A lot of thought goes into my artwork. After I have an idea I then need to scout locations for the background and then I shoot the models in my home studio. I use my own images so it’s actually a multi photographic session for the one image. The highly detailed work you see in my portfolio takes a week just to edit, sometimes more. Each element is perfected before moving on and checked before releasing.

Kevin is based in Brisbane but is available to travel for interstate commissioned work.